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👋 This is Boardzilla, a framework to make writing a digital board game for the web easy. To make a game all you need is to write Typescript code that extends Boardzilla's powerful base classes and API to express the rules of your game. Development occurs entirely in your browser. Once your game is complete you can publish it on to play with friends. takes care of player management and persisting game and player state. It also keeps all clients of a game in sync.

These docs will cover everything from creating your first game, defining your rules, and creating your UI to publishing your game.

Come say hi!

While these docs attempt to cover everything you'll need to write your first game, they can of course be incomplete. And if you're struggling with any part, come join us on Discord to get more help.

To get a taste of what it's like to make a game in Boardzilla, please watch this tutorial.