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Is this an open-source project? Or a commercial project?

Yes (to both)! The core library and devtools are both licensed under the AGPLv3. As well, we offer commercial licenses. This is to enable the use of Boardzilla for publishing games where publishing the source-code might not be desirable. For more information about obtaining a commercial license, please contact us at

Who owns my games?

You do! You own the copyright for any game you make.

If I make my game available on, do I need publish the source as well?

If your game uses the @boardzilla/core library you do not need to publish the game source code. However, if you're using other libraries which require you to publish the source code, you'll need to comply with those.

Can I monetize my game?

You can do anything the AGPL provides, including monetizing it however you'd like. For an overview of your rights under the AGPL license, take a look at

What If I want to monetize my game but not publish the source code?

You probably want a different license other than the AGPL. Please contact us at to arrange for an alternate license. As well, we're planning to offer a way to monetize games on

Wait, are you going to sell my games?

We can't sell your games without your permission. But in the event that we do launch a marketplace for games, and you want to be a part of that, we would need to work out a revenue sharing model with you that you agree to before making your games available on such a marketplace.

What if i want to improve @boardzilla/core on my own?

We welcome any issues or pull requests at Details about contributing can be found at